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About Alpaca Fiber

About Alpaca Fiber


Natural Alpaca Fiber Colors (click for larger image)

Raw Alpaca Fiber
Raw Alpaca Fiber
Alpaca Fiber Roving Processed Locally in New Mexico

Alpaca Fiber Roving Processed Locally in New Mexico
Machine Spun Alpaca Yarn (click for larger image)
Machine Spun Alpaca Yarn Processed Locally in New Mexico
Hand Spun Alpaca Yarn (click for larger image)
Hand Spun Alpaca Yarn

The fiber from the Alpaca is one of the most luxurious soft fibers in the world.

Alpaca fiber is sorted into 22 distinct colors. Their fleeces can be blended into an infinite array of natural colors, including combinations that do not occur in nature, such as black added to white for silver. For stronger colors alpaca fiber takes and retains dyes very well.

Alpaca has little to no guard hair and no lanolin. This increases the usable fiber per pound and simplifies scouring, carding, and combing. Commercial users value the cost savings and the home spinners prize the ease and consistent character.

The fiber is unusually strong and resilient. The alpaca originated as a high altitude - cold climate animal, which developed a coat with microscopic air pockets. This yields a high insulation value for light weight but warm garments. Alpaca fabrics are unusually easy to care for and long-lived. In ancient Peru alpaca garments were itemized in wills.

Long staple lengths and micron counts in the 20 to 30 range make alpaca goods soft, silky smooth, and versatile. Coarser fiber from the legs and neck can be used for bulkier yarns and high quality felt.

Alpaca Fleece (click for larger image)
Alpaca Fleece
Spinning (click for larger image)

The fine harvest of alpaca fiber from Victory Ranch's prize-winning alpacas have spinners returning year after year to purchase large quantities for hand spinning. Discriminating spinners have found our fiber prepared and ready to use. Very clean! Minimum purchase 1 ounce.

For the hand spinner/weaver alpaca is an easily raised fiber source and can be a profitable business as well. It is no surprise that alpacas are called the spinner's pet. Ask for a spinning demonstration during your visit.

Victory Ranch Store also carries an extensive range of equipment and supplies. Beginner or professional, we can supply your needs.